About The Mental Gym

Our mission is simple: to help You build Mental Toughness

We live in a high pressure world, that demands excellence and great performances every single day. To keep up with these demands we need to strengthen what is the most powerful in us – Mental Strength and Resilience.

In the Mental Gym we focus on training perseverance and resilience in business, education, sport and among private clients. We support organisations and people, so they can achieve their professional goals through mental trainings.

There are a number of reasons to build Mental Strengh:  to improve performance, decrease stress, increase emotional stability, overcome fear, and shatter personal limits. Mental Toughness is a key factor in reaching the top condition and best possible results in life, business and sport.

Our actions focus on increasing effectiveness, positive behavior, wellbeing and in the factors which influence professional and personal success.

In an ordinary gym one trains the body, through general fitness strength or training a particular muscle group. We all know that to be fit one needs to exercise on a regular basis. We are not aware of the fact, that there are similar rules affecting our mind. We can train our mind too!


In The Mental Gym we strengthen willpower and self-discipline, training the most important „persistence muscle”, we build good habits and our character, we learn consequence, we fight stress, excuses and fake enthusiasm (słomiany zapał?). We become resilient to failures and mistakes, building confidence and commitment.

Everything to reach the goals, keep promises to ourselves, be effective, live healthy and happily.


About Mental Toughness

Mental Toughness means the ability to manage yourself. It describes the mind-set that every person adopts in everything they do. It is the ability to overcome adversity and persevere through difficult and challenging situations or circumstances, to remain focused on the proces, and to bounce back from adversity.

It is closely related to qualities such as character, resilience, grit, commitment, emotional control, life control, confidence, self-discipline, persistence, good habits.


These are qualities and skills which may be strengthened.

It can be done through mental trainings. We dedicate our trainings to: managers, teams, employees in business, education and sport areas.

We specialise in mental trainings, in so aiming at the following areas:




In The Mental Gym we help our clients to implement effective habits, to identify and change restraining beliefs, holding us back from our potentials and possibilities.